1 thought on “Snapdragon 720g phones price in Bangladesh”

  1. New mobile phone has been launched recently at a high-end price of BDT which will be more than the best price of Rs. 1,999 and also the biggest model of smartphone called SnapDragon is sold at a cost price of less than 500 BDT in Bangladesh. This is an upgrade of snapdragon 660, 620 and 620u models where we see the increase in price by Rs 200 respectively from the lower range to the higher one too. If users want to purchase this price in their country then this thing will be good for them but users should not get it on the cheap so if you are going to buy that phone this price then this should not be your one and this will do with our phone.
    This phone has features like water resistance 5000 mAh battery and dual-core processor which makes it user friendly. So, if you are looking for phone that’s going to make you stand behind then this will help you to make a new place in your life easily because all smartphones including snapdragon has these technologies for the sake to build their product better so they can support the customers who buy their products with high price and at the same time this will give them more profit to make up the gap when other competitors face the same issue like this one…
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